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RES Workspace Manager Editions

The RES Workspace Manager product family consists of different editions in which different sets of 2011 features are available to different levels:


Composition & Personalization module

Makes it possible to create a personalized (dynamic) desktop. The first step towards IT as a Service.
Users are provided with a context–aware and centrally managed workspace that contains all of the right applications, data, printing and personal settings essential for their productive working. It contains the following technologies:

  • Desktop Transformation
  • Application Management
  • Zero Profile Technology
  • Workspace Analysis
  • Folder Synchronization
  • Email Templates

Advanced Administration module

Provides all the information to get insight of what is configured, changed, and used. The second step towards IT as a Service.
Provide administrative insight to improve your ability to manage your infrastructure with clear logs of changes, current status reporting, and license usage data from all users. Plus, it supports administrators in managing different application delivery techniques, which includes presentation virtualization and application virtualization. It contains the following technologies:

  • Delegation of Control
  • Remote Application
  • Instant Reporting
  • Compliancy
  • Tracking and Reporting

Security & Performance module

This is the third and last step towards IT as a Service.
You will be able to deliver a personalized desktop according to company business rules and compliance. Unauthorized actions such as executing certain applications and the use of removable disks are prevented based on the user's context. It contains the following technologies:

  • Removable Disk Control
  • Application Access
  • Network Security
  • User Installed Applications
  • Locations and Devices
  • Dynamic Privileges

For more details, please check the Edition Comparison Chart on

info Notes

  • All editions are fully compatible. Additional functionality is enabled through license keys, so that upgrades to other editions require no downtime or additional software deployment.
  • During the evaluation period, you can simply switch between editions (at Setup > Licensing > Properties). You can also switch if you have extended your evaluation period by importing evaluation licences, or if you have NFR licenses (RES Software partners only).
  • If you use an edition other than Enterprise, unavailable features are masked in the Management Console by a brief description of that feature. To hide unavailable sections altogether, go to Help in the menu item and clear Show all features. Alternatively, select Do not show these messages again in one of the masked nodes. To include unavailable features in the view, select Show all features again (in the Help menu item).